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Lisa Shell Allan, Founder & CEO of Allandelle, Certified Etiquette Consultant, Certified Prifessional Life Coach and public speaker will enlighten, entertain and implore you to be mindful in understanding exactly how your manners affect the people and relationships in your life. Relationships are built on the premise of manners that matter, whether you realize it or not. Good manners apply to everyone; adults, teens, children and even dogs, in the workplace, in schools & socially. Some of the old rules of etiquette have changed. Business etiquette has become more lenient, but it is not lax. Technology is here to stay and we have to learn how to cope without being rude.
“Good Manners are NOT like a pair of gloves you put on when you leave the house and take off when you return home.
Good Manners, are a way of life.”

“Just Add Manners” for Children

Lisa Shell Allan, trained under the direction of Maria Everding, founder of The Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, Missouri. “Just Add Manners” is a four week class of one hour per week sessions that build up the character, presentation, and social areas of the young men and women who will be leading and succeeding in the future. The fifth session is a place for the children to utilize and practice what they have learned during a five course formal dining tutorial.

Just Add Manners Gallery

Some Course Topics/ Activities

  • Introductions
  • The Art of Letter Writing
  • Friends and Sportsmanship
  • Electronic Device Manners
  • Proper Attire & Style (age appropriate)
  • Five Course Fine Dining Tutorial


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