LSA Life Coaching

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Lisa Shell Allan’s coaching practice is client driven with motivational interviewing as     the core philosophy and approach. It is her belief that when people become more         aware of what is going around them and have someone help mirror and design a plan, they then “own” the outcome and become proactive in life’s decisions.

The areas in which LSA helps people the most are with communication tools, strategies for business and interpersonal relationships, as well as in understanding their own health, tools to re-map the brain in relation to “whole health”, weight loss or weight management. All clients are offered the opportunity to join the LSA Life Coaching Case Study on weight loss.

Helping parents understand teens and teens to be respectful and feel confident in who they are as a still growing person. When coaching teens, mom and dad are clients as well. Only with the support and full understanding of the family dynamics will families become more aware of their actions and how they affect those around them.

Helping employers or business owners be better leaders and encourage their staff to be better at what they do, which ultimately makes happier work environment and higher profits. Small startup companies are a passion and helping people with their vision and developing the business they desire. Industry does not matter; LSA has worked with businesses that range from medical to motorcycles and everything in between.